Life-saving drugs. Faster.

AI-driven drug development means we dramatically shorten long R&D cycles, getting life-saving drugs to patients faster.
AI for Drug Discovery

What is DeepDrug™?

DeepDrug™ is an AI-based platform that is being used to tackle global challenges. The DeepDrug™ team has been working on the AI for drug resistant pathogens for 8 years and had advanced into the semi-finals of the IBM Watson AI XPRIZE competition among 142 teams worldwide.

Skymount Medical is the commercialization partner of Louisiana State University’s renowned DeepDrug™ AI platform. DeepDrug™ is an advanced drug discovery system that performs the work of 60-person years per day, greatly reducing the manual labor hours to generate new target molecules from existing, pre-approved drugs.

What is Rapid Drug Discovery?

The DeepDrug™ platform uses several key components to deliver a state-of-the-art compound and formula generation capability that greatly reduces the time and cost associated with a lengthy drug discovery research process. Our International Working Team is comprised of world class virologists, pharmacologists and toxicologists, as well as computer scientists and former defense personnel.

Artificial intelligence helps map known antiviral peptides (AVPs) to different cell mechanisms by analyzing protein-protein interactions. The AVPs are then ranked by how effectively they can slow the propagation of coronavirus in the human body. (Image credit: LSU Office of Research & Economic Development)

How DeepDrug™ Works


Toxicity Filter

Determines toxicity and quantifies the risk of drug-to-drug interactions – saving years in the drug development process.


Molecule Engine

Constructs "bricks" out of existing drugs and decomposes bricks into building blocks to generate all new drugs. Break Down to Build Up.


Hypergraph Engine

Keeps all known compounds, existing drugs, and libraries in memory to simulate the most effective compound.

Treatments to patients faster

The DeepDrug™ platform is able to identify already FDA-approved antivirals—a practice known as drug repurposing—90% faster, from initial discovery through to market.

Automatically synthesize targeted drug molecules

DeepDrug™ AI uses graph-based search algorithms combined with machine learning-based filters to automatically synthesize targeted drug molecules and filters candidates based on chemical criteria, such as being an antibiotic, toxicity, etc. By analyzing 3D image models of the pathogen for possible drug repurposing, we automate clinical testing for side effects, and predict candidates that are most likely to succeed.