Accelerating Drug Discovery™

World's Leading Medical AI

Our team, partners and collaborators have a common passion — discovering treatments that will both improve and save lives.
Skymount Medical and its partner, Louisiana State University (LSU), are working together on innovative new drug therapies. Our mission is to accelerate the development of better medicines using DeepDrug™, our computer-aided drug design software. Our focus is to become the leading provider of innovative treatments, to improve global health, and to provide better access to the most cutting-edge therapeutics.
Our Approach

We use artificial intelligence (AI) to both repurpose and build new drugs. This AI approach will dramatically shorten the drug discovery and development time —from years to months.

Next Generation Pharmacology Decision Support System

Accelerate Drug Discovery

Taking outputs of the DeepDrug™ system to create a pharmacology screening and analysis support system.

Choose a Top FDA Approved Candidate

Based on novelty, method of administration (MOA), pharmacokinetics (PK).

Drug Combination Analysis

With down selected results, rate/index/score which drugs are most effective, least toxic when analyzing combined effects/metabolites.

Louisiana State University

Louisiana State University and Skymount Medical have developed the DeepDrug™ AI decision system into one of the world’s leading medical artificial intelligence platforms. Skymount Medical is developing treatments in partnership with LSU. Its inter-disciplinary team who created DeepDrug™ is led by Dr. Supratik Mukhopadhyay, a contributing NASA researcher in the field of AI and includes Biological Sciences professor, Michal Brylinski and Computer Science PhD student, Adam Bess.

Our Partners